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Hello There!

My name is Saleta and I have the honor and joy of serving as lead photographer of the incredible Gypsy Fern Photography. When I started this business I did so with the intention of documenting cherished moments for families. I didn’t want to just give them a photograph, but an image that for years to come would bring joy to their family as they remembered the fun and laughter from their session, how their children were so tiny and their love so young.


Fast forward to 2015 when I gave birth to our daughter. The labor and delivery was not especially unusual and certainly not traumatic, but I remember feeling the beginning wave of PPD (postpartum depression) just moments after giving birth. I adored my daughter but I struggled deeply. I struggled for fourteen months! However in my struggle I found that the photos my friend had taken of the birth were helping me to heal. I was able to put together the missing pieces in my memory from that day and really see myself as not “only” a mom, but a powerful woman who brought a life into this world. Those images helped me heal, and I knew in that moment I would start offering birth photography to other families so they too could not only reminisce over the wonder of the day their child was born, but they could also have these images to help in their own journey of healing.

Since that time I’ve covered births at every local hospital, various birth centers and private homes, for families welcoming their first child and families welcoming their fourth. I’ve witnessed the joy and sometimes heartache of motherhood and I’m honored each time a family invites me into such a sacred space as their birth. I love being a photographer and showing you what I see through my lens! Though I primarily photograph births these days, I still love capturing the beauty of maternity, the fun of children and family sessions, and the excitement of newborn and high school senior sessions.

Lawerence Family Summer
Lawerence Family Portraits

In addition to serving as lead photographer at Gypsy Fern Photography and being mom to our incredibly spunky and amazing daughter, we had the wonderful joy of adding the sweetest, happiest baby boy to our forever family in 2023. I also cherish that I wake up daily knowing that I’m married to a man who not only loves us well, but supports me in all of my dreams and goals. We met while I was earning my masters degree in social work/mental health and have been happily married for almost 14 years. We have a goofy Golden Retriever and a zany cat that keep our lives interesting. In my spare time I volunteer for organizations such as Labor of Hope and Gathering Hope, serve as the camera team leader on the photography team at our church, and travel as much as I can. I love coffee ice cream, turtle brownies, and anything pretzel!

I’m looking forward to hearing the story of your journey and getting to know you better. Let’s chat soon!
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