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  • Birth photography? Why?
    Birth photography is unique. It’s the only realm of photography where your chosen photographer has literally put aside every family activity, appointment, and trip to stay ready and waiting for the call that you’re in labor. It’s the only realm of photography where we stay by your side for sometimes longer than your own provider is on call. We hold space for you in your birth, silently capturing all of the details that you’ll so quickly forget after birth. Those moments are so fleeting! When a parent is asked about “the most important” or “happiest” day of their lives, their answer is almost always about the day their child(ren) came into this world. With birth photography, you have the joy of allowing your support person and grandparents to be fully in the moment instead of worrying about cell phone shots; the ability to focus all of your energy on the birth while knowing that you will get to pour over all of those cherished moments time and time again; and that even more so than your wedding day, you have found a way to hold onto the details of the most important day of your life: the day you meet your baby!
  • When I hire you to document a birth, what does your role look like?
    As your birth photographer, I will have my bags packed and gear ready to grab at a moments notice from the day I go on call for you at 37 weeks gestation. I stay on call for you, 24/7, until you give birth. When you’re in labor I will join you at your birth space, where I will capture all the details that make your day special, from the clock at the time of birth, support person cutting the cord, your first look at baby, joy of grandparents, those first snuggles, and so much more. I will stay for 1-2 hours after birth to capture “Golden Hour” moments including first feeding, APGAR and hand/foot prints, etc.
  • I’m pretty modest and a little concerned about birth photography showing more than I would prefer. Does all birth photography get graphic?
    Definitely not! I have several clients that want every image of every angle I can possibly capture during their birth, while I have other clients that want me to stay by the head of the bed and never move. During our one on one consultation, we will discuss what images are most important to you and which you’d rather not have so that your birth photography experienced is catered to YOU.
  • What if my birth takes a really long time?
    All of my birth packages included unlimited time because I never want you to worry about hourly fees. When you’re in labor, your only job is to focus on you and baby. Whether your labor is 30 minutes or multiple days long, I will be there. I may excuse myself after 15 hours to take a small break or tend to my family, but will only do so after discussing with you and at a time when birth is most likely not imminent. Even then I will stay close by in case things suddenly change.
  • Do you have assistants or someone to help if you’re sick?
    Yes! I partner with several local and amazing birth photographers who will come at a moment’s notice to help cover your birth in the unlikely event I’m sick or can’t make it. I’ve never missed a birth yet though!
  • When should I book a birth with you?
    I’m a stay at home mommy to a daughter and a toddler son who is growing up faster than I’d prefer. I want to be with them for as many of their milestones and accomplishments as possible, so because of that I take a very limited number of births per year (typically no more than 1-2 per month). Most birth clients typically book 6-8 months in advance of their due date to insure I’m available for their birth date.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! It’s just 20% down to secure your birth date and the remaining balance can be paid out between the time of the retainer being paid until 37 weeks gestation when I go on call for you.
  • What if I have a planned or emergency Cesarean?
    I will still be there to document the birth of your baby! In most cases I’m allowed into the OR, but it’s up to YOU to advocate for this to happen by talking to your care provider before hand if at all possible. In the rare event I’m not allowed into the OR, I will document your journey, be there as soon as baby and daddy/support person come out of the OR, etc.
  • Are my images posted online and are they in color or b/w?
    It’s up to you! I have all of my clients sign a contract for services, but if you choose to not have any photographs posted online then that is a choice I fully respect. I will only post photos that you have given me permission to post. I value your privacy. I provide the majority of the photo gallery in color but may select a few images to convert to b/w.
  • Can we meet before I hire you and/or before the birth?
    Of course! I love to meet with clients and potential clients over a cup of coffee, or my favorite (boring) drink, unsweetened iced tea! We can chat about your motherhood journey, your hopes and goals for this birth, and take the time to get to know one another. I want you to step into the birth space as a friend or sincere acquaintance, not just a photographer.
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